Welcome to Andrew's blog.. nothing here yet but I have big plans to put the world to right with a positive and insightful view of everything that is wrong (and right) in these fraught times :). So bookmark this page and come here often... just in case.

In the meantime, and before this project gets off the ground, I direct you to Roger Darlington's World which I have to say is an good example of someone with something worthwhile to say. And a bit of spare time. Impressive.

Some candidate subjects that I am considering exploring and explaining...


  • Why people support populist amoral self serving leaders

  • Why people still support populist amoral self serving leaders, even when they are proven to be populist, amoral and self serving

  • Why climate change should be taken seriously

  • Why nuclear power stations are still a problem (hasn't everyone seen 'Chernobyl'?)

  • Why nuclear weapons are still dangerous and still pose a threat to the long term wellbeing of mankind

  • Why just and fair societies matter

  • Why an economy without a human face isn't a great tenet of a modern society

  • Why uncontrolled population growth on a planet with finite space and resources is never going to work

  • Why a society should judge happiness on more than just material wellbeing

  • Why a vast disparity in the distribution of national and international wealth is not a good strategy for global peace and prosperity

  • Why protecting the environment is a good thing

  • Why people should really try and learn from the lessons of history

  • Why political leaders should be just a bit more like Jacinda Ardern, or Barack Obama