The top 6 page

(an objective appraisal)

The top 6 states

1 Oregon Perfect but Portlanders a little .... reserved
2 Colorado Like Oregon but with good weather and higher moutains.
3 New Mexico Laidback, friendly with great outdoors.
4 Washington State Oregon but with Seattle.
5 California Redwoods, Yosemite, Joshua tree... pity about the Californians.
6 Utah Awesome outdoors, friendly, looses marks with the religion thing.

The 4 top worst states (we could only find 4 we actually disliked)
1 Texas Flat, boring, full of Republicans
2 Nebraska Flat, boring
3 Kansas Flat, boring
4 Indiana Flat (sorry Sue and Bernie)

The top 6 national Parks
1 Glacier
2 Grand Teton
3 Grand Canyon
4 Yosemite
5 North Cascades
6 Canyon lands

The top 6 cities
1 Seattle
2 Chicago
3 Portland
4 Austin
5 San Francisco
6 Boston

The top 6 small cities and towns

1 Bend, Oregon
2 Montpellier, Vermont
3 Boulder, Colorado
4 Oysterville, Washington State
5 Skagway, Alaska
6 Sante Fe, New Mexico

Six American pre-occupations we never understood
1 Fairy lights
2 Tipping
3 Guns
4 SUV's and RV's
5 religion
6 Fuzzing out bums and nipples on TV

Six reasons why we are leaving America
1 Crap pubs
2 George W and American politics
3 Parochialism
4 The myth of American good service
5 Guns
6 The INS (we hate those guys)

Six reasons why we regret leaving America
1 Friends (not the TV series).
2 The American Diner ... great institution.
3 The great outdoors
4 The strength of the American dollar
5 Turning right on red and 4 way stops.. a great idea.
6 Living in the Portland NW and Mt Hood