Around Portland Dec-Mar 1999

Feb 1999 This is our home in Portland. Its in the trendy North West. For those from Melbourne this area would be described as " Fitzroy meets St Kilda ".
Feb 1999 This is our street. At the top of the street is the start of the Portland park.
? Mt Hood. I can see this mountain from my office. Its about 11,000 feet with glaciers and everything.
Jan 1999 Skiing at Mt Hood. The problem this year is there has been TOO MUCH snow.Its 2 hours door to ski.
Jan 1999 I've joined the oregon Nordic Skiing Club.They have some seriously hot skiers.
Feb 1999 A walk we did out of Columbia Gorge.
Feb 2000 Wankers Corner Country Store. You could also buy a talk'n'toss phone card here. Two nations separated by the same language.

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