Down to the Gulf

Sep. 2000 First stop. Astoria Column. Astoria
Sep. 2000 Jim and I on Lake Ross. North Cascades. We couldn't believe we had ignored this area for the last 18 months.
Sep. 2000 Ross lake again. North Cascades
Sep. 2000 A walk up Rainy Pass. North Cascades.
Sep. 2000 A walk up Rainy Pass II. North Cascades.
Sep. 2000 Free Prairie Dogs. Local humour. Montana somewhere.
Sep. 2000 Dawson Pass. Glacier NP. Montana.
Sep. 2000 Medicine Lake area. Glacier NP. Montana.
Oct. 2000 Passing through and looking for a VW mechanic. A somewhat pointless exercise this part of the world.
Oct. 2000 Old Faithful. You can't see it but I have a "maglite" in my hand.... its a long story.
Oct. 2000 Andrew outside yet another Yellowstone thermal feature.
Oct. 2000 Yellowstone again.
Oct. 2000 .. and again.
Oct. 2000 Grand Teton hike. Wyoming
Oct. 2000 Grand Teton hike II. Wyoming.
Oct. 2000 Grand Teton hike III. Wyoming.
Oct. 2000 Climbing South Teton. Linda was less than impressed with the ice snow and exposure.
Oct. 2000 South Teton summit. 12,500'
Oct. 2000 Pumpkin sale. Cheyenne.
Oct. 2000 Wyoming somewhere.
Oct. 2000 Nebraska somewhere.
Jul. 2000 Nebraska somewhere else.
Oct. 2000 MT Democrat. A fourteener. Colorado
Oct. 2000 Eric on Evans. 14,400'. State highest. Colorado.
Oct. 2000 Peter S and Eric on Bierstad. Colorado.
Aug. 2000 Great Sand dunes National Monument. Elevation 6500'. Colorado.
Nov. 2000 ANSI ruins. Chicago Canyon. New Mexico.
Nov. 2000 New Mexico somewhere.
Nov. 2000 Texas produce includes chilies, peanuts, pecans and oil.
Nov. 2000 .. and cotton. Theses bails are the size of a shipping container.
Nov. 2000 Roswell. New Mexico. Obviously there is a CIA/FBI/NSA/USAF government cover-up going on here.
Nov. 2000 Who shot JFK ?. The "grassy knoll". Checking for possible gunman sites. We reckon Jackie did it.
Nov. 2000 Who shot JR ?.
Nov. 2000 JR sat in one of these chairs. I resisted the temptation to push Linda into THAT POOL.
Nov. 2000 South Fork Ranch.
Nov. 2000 Monument valley. Look familiar?.
Nov. 2000 Canyonlands NP. Utah
Nov. 2000 Canyonlands NP II. Utah.
Dec. 2000 Leaving Vancouver, Canada. Fiona, Rene, Kimberly and Adam.

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