Ireland (and trips)

Dec. 2000 Xmas Walk in the Peak District, England.
Jan. 2001 First Munro of the year, Scotland.
Jan. 2001 First Munro of the year. The end of a long day.
Feb. 2001 Our house in Dublin... on the wrong side of the Liffey. We're in the basement flat under the "to let" sign.
Apr. 2001 On tour with the parents. Rock of Cashel cathedral ruins. County Tipperary.
Apr. 2001 On tour with the parents. Dingle peninsula.
Apr. 2001 Discussing the finer points of sword fighting techniques with Polish(!) medieval history enthusiasts. County Limerick.
Apr. 2001 Signposts in Kerry, Ireland. Plenty of B&B's except that out of the (short) summer season they are all closed. With few exceptions. The "foot and mouth" restrictions hit these guys hard.
Jul. 2001 Paris long w/e trip. Making the most of RyanAir 15 fares.
Jul. 2001 Paris trip.The usual sightseeing
Jul. 2001 Paris trip.
Sep. 2001 Summer hiking holiday. Hut-to-hut in Austria.
Sep. 2001 Gentle meandering paths.
Sep. 2001 Austrian mountain meadows. Great hiking when the blizzards stopped.
Oct. 2001 West coast Ireland beach. Dingle Penninsula.
Oct. 2001 Coming down of Mt Carrantuohil. 1041m. Irelands highest. There are 15 munros in Ireland.
Oct. 2001 West coast inlet. Valentia Island.
Oct. 2001 Our car. Lost on the west coast backroads.

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