2004 - European tour

May. 2004 . .... from this point here I started using my new digital camera and now can't be bothered scanning photos. This picture shows just another exotic town... somewhere north of Barcelona.
May. 2004 Mirrapaux in France, coming down from the Pyrannees. We just had to stop here for several nights so we could sit around and drink coffee and beer in these cafes.
Jun. 2004 Agmortes in Languedoc region france. A whole medieval walled town from the 1300's. Crusades left from this port... when it was a port. The sea is now 20 km to the south.
Jun. 2004 Cannes beach. Some topless sunbathing was observed. I was shocked.
Jun. 2004 The French Riviera. The playground of the rich. We didn't stay here for very long.
Jun. 2004 A roman aqueduct. Linda with baguettes (two). The car.
Jun. 2004 Boules. Lawn bowls but without the hats... or the lawn for that matter. All you needed was a bit of gravel, a few old french men....
Jun. 2004 Typical Tuscany. From one of our many day walks.
Jun. 2004 Cinque Terra region, Italian Riviera. We did a day walk along the coast past five picturesque old fishing townstowns.
Jun. 2004 Inexplicably we ended up camping in a very fine camp ground not 10 minutes walk from one of Italys most famous tourist attractions.
Oct. 2001 Old Italian scooters never die...
Jun. 2004 Linda less than impressed on a Via Ferrati in the Dolomites.
Jul. 2004 Dolomite walk, Italy. You take the cable car up 2000 meters, stroll around a bit, climb a mountain then you meander back downdown to the restaurant/pub/campsite. Very civilised this European hiking.
Oct. 2001 Meandering down.
Jul. 2004 Dix Hut in Arrolla, Switzerland. Relaxing after a successful ascent of la Luette.
Jul. 2004 Early morning hike up to climb Pts de Vouasson, Arrolla.
Jul. 2004 Pigne D'Arrola in Arrolla, Switzerland. This mountain is rated "facile", which is french for Very Difficult. Thats Mark D on the left.
Jul. 2004 Early morning chaos. Climbing down to Col du Midi, Chamonix.
Jul. 2004 Coming down from our attempt at Mt Blanc du Tacul. High winds and not enough weetbix for breakfast
Jul. 2004 Day walk up from Les Houche, Chamonix. Looking towards Aiguille Du Midi.
Aug. 2004 WW1 tomestones in Belgium. Too many to really get your brain around
Aug. 2004 (Unexploded) WW1 munition piled up outside our hotel near Paschendale.
Aug. 2004 Last days in Brugees, Belgium. Linda heading towards the shops.

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