2006 - A year in pictures

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Jan 2006

The start of the year (well, actually a few days before.) We spent a few days down in the Lake district near the family ancestral home at "Near Sawrey". The family home bordered on Beatrix Potter's farm, and my grandmother had a bit of a running battle with the old girl over "boundary lines".
Jan 2006 We did a few walks here. Old paths, cute stiles, picturesque villages... the Lake District really is one of the most beautiful parts of Britain.
Jan 2006 Back in Scotland and a fence landscape scene in the Scottish borders. This is my favorite winter fence photo from 2006.
Jan 2006 On the same walk, Sarah with Jim in the background .
Feb 2006 A walk up some munro near Crianlarich early in the year. Can't remember the name of the mountain but we didn't have a view, there was lots of ice and it was very windy. That's Linda waving the stock.
Feb 2006 Day walk in Glen Feshie near the Cairngorms, Scottish Highlands.
Feb. 2006 Skiing on the Cairngorm plateau, Scottish Highlands.
Mar 2006 The start of our 5 month round the world trip. First stop NY. We didn't go up the Empire State because of the queues and the cost (although we probably spent the equiv on drinks in the bar in the foyer). We got all our NY souvenirs from a shop across the road. If you got a keyring from us... it probably came from here.
Mar 2006 Harlem, New York. We did a long walk up from downtown Manhattan to Harlem and back through Central Park. It was a lot more rundown and second world than one would expect.
Apr. 2006 Lower Manhattan in the background. On the ferry out to see the Statue of Liberty.
Apr 2006 Security was fairly tight just getting this far. "Freedom, liberty and justice for all" my foot.
Apr. 2006 Over to the US west coast now and skiing at Mt Bachelor in Orgeon. Our favourite ski resort in the whole world. The snow here was clearly quite difficult to manage even for experts.
Apr 2006 Heaps of snow even in late April.
Apr. 2006 Our good friends Bernie and Sue who lived next door to us when we lived in Portland, Oregon.. They have a problem with Bush too.
Apr 2006 Clambering around Smith Rock in central Oregon. This is a serious rock climbing area.
Apr 2006 Andrew starting off on the first pitch of Monkey Head at Smith Rock. Solo.
Apr 2006 Linda cycling around the paths in Sun River resort, our traditional spot to stay. All huts come with hot tub on the balcony overlooking pine forests and lakes (and deer) as standard.
Apr. 2006 The road up to Mount Bachelor. Typical central Oregon scenery.
Apr 2006 Onto the west coast. We found an old hotel tucked away above this beach. Cheap and tatty on the outside with small cosy rooms nestled into the slope. It was off-season so it was just us.
May 2006 We're over on the Big Island in Hawaii now. Confusingly the Big Island is also called Hawaii as distinct from Oahu where you will find Honolulu and Pearl Harbour. We splashed out for Linda's birthday.
May. 2006 Typical sea front. There was an island near here, just off the coast, that was used in the closing credits of "Gilligan's Island" . Never found it which was a big disappointment.
May. 2006 Absolutely no parking in the line of any lava flows.
May. 2006 Don't build Rock Piles!
May. 2006 Sampling the water at Waikiki beach, Honolulu which was actually much nicer than you might expect.
May. 2006 Children's bouncy castle sponsored by the American Marines (really). It was part of a military festival to show support for the boys and girls out in Iraq ("wherever that is") fighting to make the world a better place for America investment. I learnt a lot about armoured vehicles.
May. 2006  
May. 2006 The Missouri in Pearl Harbour. This is where the Japanese surrendered in WWII (just on the left hand side... there is a plaque). It's a very big battleship really. You can can arrange sleepovers below deck. A lot of Japanese visit Pearl Harbour. The displays and commentaries were commendably balanced.
May. 2006 Tthe Hawaiians really do paddle canoes like in Hawaii-5-0. It's really popular and really quite impressive.
May. 2006 Fast forward to Australia. This is our "farm". We graze sheep and kangaroos. Linda always manages to spot koalas in the surrounding trees.
May. 2006 Inside "the shed". Okay, it really was a shed but Mum and Dad have turned it into really nice accomodation for as many people as you can pack in. We often BBQ outside.
Oct. 2005 BBQ outside
May 2006 The family farm (or "the block"). It's real name is Mingara which is Aboriginal for "meeting place of the waters". Most aboriginal house/farm/place names used by us Europeans are invariably loosly translated as "meeting place of the waters."
May. 2006 The Seven Creeks pub. I've always liked this pub. It's in Euroa which is the nearest town to Mingara (apart from Strathbogie of course.)
May. 2006 An inland highway. Easy driving although you have to watch out for roos at dusk.
Mayt. 2006 The Warrumbungles in northern NSW. That's the part of the Bread Knife you can see.
May. 2006 Linda summiting on the Bluff, Warrumbungles in northern NSW.
June. 2006 Northern NSW enroute to my sister Karen's.
June. 2006 At Karen's!. The Queensland family contingent.
Jun 2006 Out on a tour with Malc and his boat near Brisbane. This is the sort of unspoiled beach you make holiday commercials on. Malc and Jane are Brits living the dream in Australia. Malc has just pointed out that this is Peel Island, a former leper colony.
Jun. 2006 No Australian trip would be complete without a visit to the "the big prawn". On previous trips we have made pilgrimages to "the big pineapple", "the big merino", "the big koala" and my personal favorite "the big galah" (in WA.) We also passed earlier "the big potato" (near the Blue Mountains) which was uninspiring and simply looked big.
Jun. 2006 A walk with Dad to Powell Town near Melbourne. Dad is a bit an authority on timber tram lines. This is an old steam engine from the 1930's used for hauling logs. It all ended in tears in the great 1939 fires.
Jun 2006 The Victorian family contingent. Leaving dinner.
Jun. 2006 In Singapore for a week on the way home to Edinburgh. A beach scene near Changi (as in prison). We'd been to Singapore before but it was better then I remembered it. Cheap, friendly, safe. All the sights, sounds and tastes of Asia but with clean toilets.
Jun. 2006 "Feed the birds, tuppence a bag......" Jurong bird park
Jun. 2006 We hired bikes on one of the islands for $2/day. Linda is drinking from a freshly prepared coconut. I'm always suprised at just how much coconut milk you get from one coconut.
Jul. 2006 Back in Scotland. Cuillin ridge on Skye. Perfect weather with just enough wind to keep the midges away. It's a narrow band. Move either way of Skye optimum weather conditions and it becomes hell.
Jul 2006 The trail up to the Cuillins.
Jul. 2006 Descending from the "Inaccessible Pinnacle", the only munro in Scotland you need rock climbing equipment for as it is a bit exposed in places. The normal ascent is up around the blocky corner to the left of the climber".
Jul. 2006 Ruth seconding up the Arrow route on to the famous Cioch's Nose. After this we did the "Harmony" route (easy VS). I scared myself silly.
Sep. 2006 Heading off for a week at Glen Canisp near Lochinver. West coast. That's our house in the background (52) and our new car.
Sep. 2006 We stayed with a group of friends in a cheap and old, rather run-down 20 roomed Victorian hunting lodge. This is the view from the our window. That's Suilven in the distance. We climbed it the next day.
Sep. 2006 Sea kayaking on the loch. We practised eskimo rolling that evening with mixed success. Later in the week we did a sea trip out around the Old Man of Stor sea stack. High swells, tidal streams and rising wind all conspired to turn a gentle day trip into real adventure.
Oct. 2006 The famous "Mark Saunders" BBQ and bonfire on a beach on the Firth of Forth, about 20 minutes from Edinburgh town centre.
Oct. 2006 A cycle ride near Kilmartin, home of Britain's greatest collections of ancient standing stones and related monuments. The first half dozen are really interesting.
Oct. 2006 Crinan canal on the Scottish west coast. You cycle along the towpaths.
Oct. 2006 An old abandoned Victorian mansion. This was a seriously large building. Abandoned in the 50's. Very atmospheric.
Oct. 2006 Climbing with Sam and Pete at Bowden Doors crag.
Nov. 2006 Long weekend in Delft, Holland. It's a smaller and even more picturesque version of Amsterdam. Delft's most famous son is Johannes Vermeer of Girl with the Pearl Earing fame. (The painting, not the film.)
Nov. 2006 Delft bikes. Millions of them. Hardly any are locked. Note the dynamo in the foreground!
Dec. 2006 Andrew's castle weekend in Fordyce castle (a real castle). Linda and Sarah obviously found the excitement too much.
Dec. 2006 Nick and Sarah on Andrew's castle weekend. Nick is being photographed for his website (long story.)
Dec. 2006 Trig point on a day walk near the mouth of the Tweed.
Dec. 2006 Skiing in Mayrhofen in Austria over Xmas. We got a cheap last minute deal and flew out on 23rd December for a week. Plenty of snow despite grim forecasts.
Dec. 2006 The Zillertal valley, Austria. The Austrians really do a good picturesque village. Austria is excellent value if you come from the UK. For that matter everywhere in Europe is excellent value if you come from the UK.
Dec. 2006 Daywalk around the back of Mayrhofen. We had 7 days of perfect blue sky weather with the temperature hovering around -5 degrees.
Dec. 2006 Looking back into Mayrhofen from one of the valley trails.
Dec. 2006 And the really good thing about hiking in Austria is there are even more wee attractive drinking establishments than in England! Linda is wearing her new Mountain Hardwear jacket!
Dec 2006 Our Edinburgh friends Mark and Frances about to go off for a big bash for New Year. We weren't invited. Hogamanay was really wet, wild and windy. Most offical celebrations were cancelled for safety reasons. We had a night at home and watched the fireworks from our bedroom window.

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